Lakeshore New Horizons Band

Lakeshore New Horizons Band

Playing in the in the Bowmanville/ Oshawa Ontario  Area

Our Vision


Lakeshore New Horizons Bands organization aims to provide a recreational daytime band program for adults with a focus on the teaching and performance of music.



Find just the right program to suit your musical passion.

Three levels of band are available .......


Monday Concert Band - Lakeshore Winds

(9:30 - 11:30 AM)


This is our senior concert band, which plays the most challenging music. Musical

selections tend to be larger arrangements, using greater instrumental range and

more advanced techniques. We often do medleys, which are several pages long.

The pieces make use of more varied key signatures and time signatures. Essential Elements 3 is used for warm-ups and skill development. Sectional rehearsals are arranged when needed to prepare for concerts. This band performs at least twice at the end of each

session (6 to 8 performances a year). We currently have 35 members in this group.



Wednesday Concert Band - Harmony Lakeshore

(9:15 - 11:00 AM)


In our intermediate level concert band the music is not quite as difficult as that played by the senior band. Musical selections are usually short and use a limited number of keys and time signatures Essential Elements Book 2 is used for warm-ups and skill development. Some repertoire is taken from Concert Favorites Book 2. Sectionals are called as needed to prepare programs. Our beginners will usually go into this group at the end of their first year of playing. This band performs about once or twice at the end of each session (4 to 6 performances a year). We currently have 34 members in this group



Beginner/Refresher Class - Bach to the Basics

(11:15 - 12:30 AM)


This is a class for people who have never played an instrument or played many years ago

and need a refresher course. Players are encouraged to begin by renting an instrument.

We start at the beginning of Essential Elements Book 1. Some players need to learn to read music and that can be done in this class. By the spring session, this group is ready to start learning easy band music. At the end of the year, the beginner class will

combine with the Wednesday band to perform several pieces. This class can have

from 10 to 25 players





We currently have 2 small ensembles made up of members of the Lakeshore Winds.

Groups are available to play for seniors' homes, churches and special events.



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